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Windows Server Storage Management

Setting up Storage on your new Windows Server 2012

So I have to say that I read a number of articles on storage in Windows 8 and in Windows Server 2012 just so I understood the basics of pools and spaces, but to say I was still confused at the end of it is an understatement.  This could of course be for multiple reasons, including the fact that I don’t do this for a living and these aren’t simple concepts.  As I was going through thinking about storage I wished Microsoft had provided a practical picture what storage looked like.

So here’s my attempt at this.

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Configuring Remote Management for Windows Server 2012 in a Workgroup

So now you’ve got your Windows server 2012 installed (if not check out my previous post on installing Windows Server 2012), it’s time to get both the server side and client side configured so you can remotely manage your new machine from Server Manager.

Note: You must use Windows 8 Server Manager to remotely manage any Windows Server 2012 install

1. If you don’t have the remote server admin tools (i.e. Server Manager) for Windows 8 you can get it from here. Just download and install the package that’s right for your version of the OS.

2. Now we need to configure a few things on your client pc

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Setting up Windows Server 2012 Core in a Workgroup

Installing Windows Server 2012 Core in a Workgroup Network

Installing server 2012 core is pretty straight forward. You can download the bits here, I put this on a DVD and then just booted my new server with this. A word on my server, I don’t normally recommend hardware, but I wanted a quiet machine and the folks at Puget Systems built me a pretty sweet rig. It really is silent, even with 4 3TB drives whirring around in there. Anyway, back to the install.

Once you’ve gone through the install steps you will be presented with 2 windows, one with a command prompt and one with a simple set of menus.

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