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Learning to fly

There are a lot of folks out there lamenting the fact that fewer and fewer young people want to get into aviation, specifically at the front of the plane in the cockpit and I’ve been wondering why myself.  The obvious reasons are there of course, starting with money and time, but I can still recall that flying for many of us pilots started with passion not practicality.  For most folks flying isn’t a job you saw in the newspaper and decided to give it a try because you needed a paycheck.  It starts with excitement, and for many that excitement came from the typical sources. Read more

A New Cirrus Aircraft

So the 5th generation SR22 was recently announced and is more than a little exciting.  Of course the SR22 was already a pretty sweet plane, apart from the price :-( , but then again owning a plane can get expensive.  But in the newest incarnation of the plane the folks at Cirrus have managed to pull a magical 200 lbs out of the hat.

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