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My name is Sanjay Castelino, I’m a technology enthusiast, geek, and pilot at heart, I work for an IT Management software company by day, but in my spare time I like to tinker with technology both for personal and enterprise.  In addition to spending altogether too much time playing with technology I’m also a private instrument rated pilot.  So from time to time I hope to write about my flying adventures too.

As always, the views expressed in my blog are mine and mine alone – if you have a problem with my opinion I’m always open to listening & learning something new so drop me a note.



What? Comments are turned off? Bummer…

First flew in a private plane (a Mooney) when I was around 12 years old.

I caught the bug and couldn’t shake it. That’s the way to recruit. Take a friend flying.


Sanjay Castelino

Spencer, Comments are on, just moderated.

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