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Post to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ all at the same time

If you’re like me when you post to Twitter or Facebook or Google+ you often want your post to cascade from one service to the next.  Of course none of the services have a vested interested in helping you do this easily so now you’ve got to work your way there.  I discovered this service call If This Then That – – a pretty straight forward rules concept and one that already has a bunch of pre-defined rule sets which they call recipes.

So you can imagine a scenario that goes like this:

“If I post a public post to Google+ Then post the contents of that post to a Facebook status update”


“If I post a Facebook status update Then create a new tweet”

I created both these rules so I could start with Google+ and cascade a post down through twitter.

So how to get this done?  Read on…

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Just for fun: Sci-Fi Bracket Battle

So I don’t often write about work related things, and this is pseudo work related only.  For those of you in the US you know that March is basketball month, but let’s face it, not everyone loves basketball (I hear the Hoosiers saying they’re confused) – so SolarWinds is holding the ultimate Sci-Fi Bracket Battle.  What is it?  Well it’s all those sci-fi match-ups you wish you could see play out.  Would Kirk win vs Picard?  Does Vader beat Neo?  The folks at SolarWinds have made it so that the community picks the winners of each match up.  So if this is your cup of tea, head on over to the SolarWinds community and vote for your favorites.

Learning to fly

There are a lot of folks out there lamenting the fact that fewer and fewer young people want to get into aviation, specifically at the front of the plane in the cockpit and I’ve been wondering why myself.  The obvious reasons are there of course, starting with money and time, but I can still recall that flying for many of us pilots started with passion not practicality.  For most folks flying isn’t a job you saw in the newspaper and decided to give it a try because you needed a paycheck.  It starts with excitement, and for many that excitement came from the typical sources. Read more

A New Cirrus Aircraft

So the 5th generation SR22 was recently announced and is more than a little exciting.  Of course the SR22 was already a pretty sweet plane, apart from the price :-( , but then again owning a plane can get expensive.  But in the newest incarnation of the plane the folks at Cirrus have managed to pull a magical 200 lbs out of the hat.

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Windows Server Storage Management

Setting up Storage on your new Windows Server 2012

So I have to say that I read a number of articles on storage in Windows 8 and in Windows Server 2012 just so I understood the basics of pools and spaces, but to say I was still confused at the end of it is an understatement.  This could of course be for multiple reasons, including the fact that I don’t do this for a living and these aren’t simple concepts.  As I was going through thinking about storage I wished Microsoft had provided a practical picture what storage looked like.

So here’s my attempt at this.

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Configuring Remote Management for Windows Server 2012 in a Workgroup

So now you’ve got your Windows server 2012 installed (if not check out my previous post on installing Windows Server 2012), it’s time to get both the server side and client side configured so you can remotely manage your new machine from Server Manager.

Note: You must use Windows 8 Server Manager to remotely manage any Windows Server 2012 install

1. If you don’t have the remote server admin tools (i.e. Server Manager) for Windows 8 you can get it from here. Just download and install the package that’s right for your version of the OS.

2. Now we need to configure a few things on your client pc

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Setting up Windows Server 2012 Core in a Workgroup

Installing Windows Server 2012 Core in a Workgroup Network

Installing server 2012 core is pretty straight forward. You can download the bits here, I put this on a DVD and then just booted my new server with this. A word on my server, I don’t normally recommend hardware, but I wanted a quiet machine and the folks at Puget Systems built me a pretty sweet rig. It really is silent, even with 4 3TB drives whirring around in there. Anyway, back to the install.

Once you’ve gone through the install steps you will be presented with 2 windows, one with a command prompt and one with a simple set of menus.

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Finally – I’ve taken the leap

I’m starting a blog – finally!

You know that list of things you have been meaning to do, well starting a blog has been on my list for a long time and I’ve finally taken the time to actually do something about it. What am I going to write about? Well the things I’m passionate about – technology, flying, travel, and maybe whatever else comes to mind. I’m going to kick things off with a series of blogs around my recent project of setting up a new server at home that replaces my old Windows Home Server box. But before we get to that let me give you a little bit on me.

I work in the tech industry for an IT Management software company, SolarWinds, and occasionally write on our blogs there about things going on in the enterprise technology space. In my free time I play with technology that interests me, streaming video, mobile devices, my home server and anything else I can get my hands on. I am also an instrument rated private pilot and try to fly as much as I can. Flying has been a passion for me since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until recently that I got to fulfill that passion of flying. So if I get the chance I go flying.  These days I’m flying a Cirrus SR20.

As I said earlier, my new project that I’m going to write about in a series of blog posts is around setting up a server with Windows Server 2012 Core running on a workgroup network, managed using Server Manager on a Windows 8 machine. On this machine I’m going to be running Windows Server 2012 Essentials as well as several VMs running various desktop OSes. While I’d like to tell you that this was a straightforward project, it turns out that Windows Server 2012 on a workgroup while a workable scenario isn’t a neatly packaged experience. But for those of you who want to do this hopefully my posts will save you a few hours of tinkering around with configs. So, let’s get started with step 1 – installing Windows Server 2012 Core on a workgroup network.